Eyes are amazing!

Shades through the ages!

Today you slip on sunglasses to coordinate an outfit, match your mood and save your sight. Ever wonder how the sunwear of yesterday paved the way? • In 1929, Sam Foster sold the first pair of Foster Grants from a Woolworth on the Boardwalk at Atlantic City. Sunglasses soared in popularity through the 1930s. • Bausch & Lomb produced an effective spectacle in the 1930s that protected pilots from the dangers of high- altitude glare. • Ray-Ban… Read More

Eye Health


The most important thing you can do to preserve your eyesight is to visit your eye doctor for regular checkups. Like the rest of your body your eyes will change gradually as you age. However, unlike the rest of your body, the eyes often don’t hurt if something is wrong. We’ll advise you when it’s time to be re-examined. So, don’t rely on broken glasses or lost contact lenses to remind you of your… Read More

New Technology for Eye Health Assessment


We use high-tech digital photography in our clinic. The digital retinal camera takes pictures of the inside of the eye, so that the doctors can monitor any eye health changes in the retina (including the optic nerve, macula, and vasculature of the retinal blood vessels). The eye is the only part of the body where blood vessels can be examined directly without using an invasive procedure. Your doctor will be watching for early… Read More

Healthy eyes for a better life

Enjoying good vision and eye health may be something we take for granted, but taking care of your eyes now can mean a lifetime of seeing as well as possible. Protect your eyes at work, rest and play. Eye injuries can be devastating. Encourage children to wear protective eye wear by wearing it yourself. Properly fitted protective eye wear won’t hurt performance and may save your sight. Protect your eyes from the… Read More

Ever wonder what a person with a colour deficiency sees?

Awesome Animation Shows You What Color blind People See Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, affects approximately 1 in 12 males, and 1 in 100 females. There are various causes for the condition. For the majority of sufferers, the condition is genetic. However, illnesses such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis can cause degeneration of sight and cause vision deficiencies. So have you ever wondered what the world looks like to the colour blind?



Did you know that there are different types of tears?  

Blue Light

Although research is still early, blue light does affect our eyes and sleep patterns. Please inquire at our office about blue blocking glasses or simply turn down the brightness on all your electronic devices to help preserve your eye health. what-is-the-blue-light-from-our-screens-really-doing-to-our-eyes For those who like to read the scientific literature directly, here’s a quick tour of some of the latest findings, and a search on blue light and melatonin via the U.S…. Read More