New Technology for Eye Health Assessment

We use high-tech digital photography inĀ our clinic. The digital retinal camera takes pictures of the inside of the eye, so that the doctors can monitor any eye health changes in the retina (including the optic nerve, macula, and vasculature of the retinal blood vessels).

The eye is the only part of the body where blood vessels can be examined directly without using an invasive procedure. Your doctor will be watching for early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases. Your photo will be archived so that the doctor can watch for change in these structures over time.

We also utilize a Humphrey visual field machine. This sophisticated, computerized instrument allows us to map the peripheral vision of each eye, which is valuable in assisting in the early detection of many diseases such as glaucoma, optic neuritis, stroke, or brain tumors affecting the visual pathway. These conditions may not affect your eyesight until the condition has become severe. In some cases, a visual field mapping may be the only effective way of detecting these problems, if they exist.