Shades through the ages!

Today you slip on sunglasses to coordinate an outfit, match your mood and save your sight. Ever wonder how the sunwear of yesterday paved the way?

• In 1929, Sam Foster sold the first pair of Foster Grants from a Woolworth on the Boardwalk at Atlantic City.
Sunglasses soared in popularity through the 1930s.
• Bausch & Lomb produced an effective spectacle in the 1930s that protected pilots from the dangers of high- altitude glare.
• Ray-Ban designed aviator style sunglasses for pilots in 1936. The drooping frame shape shielded the aviator’s eyes, which repeatedly glanced down to the plane’s
instrument panel.
• From the 1950s on, sunglasses have become popular as a fashion statement for children and adults year round – at the beach, on the golf course and in the top-down convertible.

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