Contact Lenses

contact lenses

We specialize in contact lens fitting and provide a complete range of contact lens services. Our doctors use the latest technology to ensure that your contact lenses are the most appropriate for your eyes as each person will require subtle changes in lens design to maximize their fit.

Why get a contact lens fitting and buy your contacts from us?

  • We have competitive pricing and offer rebates and discounts for purchasing a larger supply of most contact lenses
  • We do not charge shipping and can ship directly to you
  • We have an excellent exchange and replacement policy
  • We will keep you updated on the most current technology
  • Contact lenses are a medical device and therefore their use should be monitored by a medical professional
  • Contact lenses have many different parameters, our doctors are the best people to know what type of lens will work with your eyes and your lifestyle

What is new with contact lenses?

  • Daily contacts: one-time use lenses that are extremely convenient, and best for preventing contact lens related eye problems
  • Astigmatism (or Toric) contacts: are now available for those patients who couldn’t use contact lenses previously
  • Multifocal contacts: great as a complement to reading glasses or progressive lenses
  • UV blocking contacts: help protect your eyes from the damaging effects of UV
  • High oxygen transmissibility contacts: help prevent dry eyes and maintain a healthy cornea