Dr. Brad McDougall


Doctor of Optometry

brad b:wDr. Brad McDougall was recently voted the B.C. Optometrist of the Year by the British Columbia Association of Optometrists.

Dr. McDougall has practiced in downtown Vancouver since 1995. After graduating from Optometry from Pacific University (with distinction), he spent a year in specialized residency training at one of the largest medical centres in the North America  Since practicing in Vancouver, Dr. McDougall has been actively involved in the BC Association of Optometry.

Dr. McDougall volunteers as the head provincial Clinical Director for the Opening Eyes program of Special Olympics Canada.  In addition, he actively volunteers with the non-profit Third World Eye Care Society, delivering eye care and eyeglasses to those in need in the developing world.  He has participated in projects to Mexico, Ethiopia, Central America, and the Philippines. To read more about this work visit his Online Building Community blog.