Dr. Cindy Wagner


Doctor of Optometry


Dr. Cindy Wagner moved to Vancouver in January 2005. She graduated from the Optometry program at the University of Waterloo in 2002 and has her certification in therapeutic pharmaceutical agents. After graduating, she went on to specialize in contact lenses and ocular pathology at the University of California, Berkeley. Continuing on at Berkeley as a clinical instructor, she spent time in the contact lens and primary care clinics. Teaching appealed to her, and her next move was to New Zealand where she taught at the University of Auckland in the areas of primary care, contact lenses and ocular therapeutics.

Dr. Wagner has spent time working on many different ocular research projects with the University of Waterloo. She also published a research paper with IBM in 2002. In addition, Dr. Wagner has spent time volunteering with the non-profit organizations Eye Care International and Third World Eye Care Society. She participated in projects to Mexico in 2001, Vietnam in 2007 and Ethiopia in 2009.

Dr. Wagner is also involved with B.C. Guide dogs.  You may have been lucky enough to see her training Gidget right in our clinic.